City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Police Chief Asks for Residents Help in Reporting Crime

Prior Lake Police Chief, Mark Elliott, recently addressed the City Council during their Aug. 7 meeting, but really, he was addressing the residents of Prior Lake. Chief Elliott has been here for two years, and in that time, has noticed reluctance to call police for crimes and suspicious behavior.
When talking with community members, the chief often hears the same reasons for not calling police;

“I didn’t want to bother them with something minor”
“I thought someone else may call”
“I wasn’t sure it was illegal”
“I didn’t want to call if it was nothing”
“I didn’t know the non-emergency number”

He doesn’t understand why people hesitate to call 9-1-1, “Many times, the same people that see behavior they feel is suspicious enough to tell neighbors, share on Facebook and Nextdoor, or photograph and record, do not report it to police”, said Elliott.
He asked for the community to partner with the police to reduce and prevent crime as well as help police investigate in a timely manner saying, “We would much rather respond to a call and have it check out ok, than not get the call, and hours or days later be called by the victim, and now we have less to go on, or just a description versus having those responsible there at the time.”

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