City of Prior Lake, MN
City of Prior Lake, MN

Nearly Half of Prior Lake Residents Will See a City Tax Reduction

The City Council adopted the 2018 city budgets totaling $33,533,514 and certified the city property tax levy of $12,077,538, a 4.4% tax levy increase. Next year’s budget allows for the addition of four staff positions. A police officer, a part-time community service officer and a parks maintenance worker. In October of this year, the City and SMSC jointly funded the new position of Drug Task Force Officer which will serve on the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force.

These additions line-up with the results of the community survey.  Sixty percent support a property tax increase for more officers while 83% say more police patrols would make them feel safer. When it comes to street repair, 96% of Prior Lake residents say it is an essential service.

Some of the 2018 major replacement purchases will include a five-ton truck/snowplow, street sweeper, and a 25-year-old fire truck. A new police car is for the new police officer in 2018.

Despite the tax levy increase of 4.4%, about 45% of Prior Lake residents will see a property tax cut for the city portion of their taxes, primarily due to the final payment of the parks and library market value referendum in 2017.

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